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Below is a link to our library of materials that can be freely checked out.

They are broken into these categories.

  • Archive

  • Bible Doctrine

  • Children/Young Adult

  • Family/Parenting/Marriage

  • Music/Worship

  • Outreach

  • Periodicals

  • Personal Bible Study

  • Prayer/Devotion

  • Reference

  • Teens

  • WELS Affiliates

  • Cry Room Book List

  • Puzzles

Library Index


Concordia's Complete Bible Handbook

Presents a survey of all sixty-six biblical books and the time between the Testaments. Arranged by the major collections of biblical literature and ordered by biblical books, this resource is easy to access and use, allowing readers to explore and discover many topics and features.

With a devotional style that will inspire faith and deep reflection, this handbook focuses on the promises about Christ in the Old Testament and their New Testament fulfillment in the coming of Jesus of Nazareth, our Savior. (Currently on display in the church entryway and available for check out)

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