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Below is a link to our library of materials that can be freely checked out.

They are broken into these categories.

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  • Bible Doctrine

  • Children/Young Adult

  • Family/Parenting/Marriage

  • Music/Worship

  • Outreach

  • Periodicals

  • Personal Bible Study

  • Prayer/Devotion

  • Reference

  • Teens

  • WELS Affiliates

  • Cry Room Book List

  • Puzzles

Library Index


Martin Luther's Christmas Book

This collection contains thirty excerpts from Martin Luther's Christmas sermons. In his unique and powerful voice, Luther portrays the human reality of God's birth on earth - Mary's distress at giving birth with no midwife or water, Joseph's misgivings, the Wise Men's perplexity, Herod's cunning. And throughout these sermon meditations, he reminds us that keeping Christmas is a year-round mission of caring for those in need.

The book also contains nine elegant illustrations by Luther's contemporaries, and two of Luther's beautiful Christmas carols are included on the final pages of the book. We have two copies on the entryway table... check one out today!

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