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MARTIN LUTHER Visionary Reformer

 By Scott H. Hendrix

Five hundred years ago, a Catholic monk by the name of Martin Luther, posted 95 theses on a church door and as a result, many consider this to be the start of the first successful religious revolution and the birth of the Lutheran Church. Luther did not originally seek to break away from the Catholic Church, but merely to correct fallacies in the church's teachings, rules and regulations.
In this book, Luther's life divides into two parts: before and after he became a reformer. Part one ends at the point (1521) when Luther states for the first time his calling to oversee the remaking of the medieval religion according to his vision of what Christianity should be. Before 1521, Luther proposed many reforms but did not see himself as the leader of a popular movement. Part two is the story of Luther the reformer, his leading of a movement that took action on what until then was only proposed. This action was so forceful that Luther was declared an outlaw in Germany and a heretic by the Catholic Church.
This biography offers as many glimpses of Luther's life and times as possible while following his unconventional public career as a university professor, heretic, renegade monk, political outlaw, provocative thinker and religious visionary. As an aid to his life and work, the people in Luther's world are listed along with maps pertinent to the times of Martin Luther.
In a prestigious institute's study of over 4,000 world individuals from 300 BC through 1950 AD, Luther ranked 4th under the religion category and 5th under a category of candidates born in Germany. His biggest impact resulted from his translation of the Bible into German and thus the world.
Histories of the reformation say a lot about what Luther did but very little about who he was. This book covers both adequately. Martin Luther was a visionary who trusted that what remained unreformed following his death would one day be perfected.
This book is well worth the time and study of this extraordinary person whom God used to restore His grace in Christ to the church and world.

Peace Lutheran Library Committee



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