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Family Bible Hour (FBH) is Sunday at 10:45am.
The following studies are intended to...
  • Deepen our understanding of Scripture, God's revelation to us
  • Deepen our love for our Savior and others for whom He died
  • Deepen our understanding of where we fit in Christ's church and God's world
  • Deepen our ability to apply, under the Holy Spirit's direction, the power and promise of the resurrection to our daily lives

Family Bible Hour

Begins September 13, 2020 at 10:45 AM.

When your church would like to gather as a public assembly and hear God's Word, sing His praises, and receive Holy communion, but your governor requires, under the color of a  pandemic health emergency order, that everyone stay home - or perhaps permits a few at a time to gather, so long as tehy promis not to sing - what should you do? and on what basis or grounds do you do it?

Religious Liberty Amid Covid-19

(Can Pandemic Health Mandates and Religious Liberty Peaceably coexist?)

Part 1: Rendering to Caesar and to God: Pandemic Mandates & Religious Liberty

Part 2: Applying the Constitutional Issue and the Theological Issue

(September 2020)

Biblical Prophecy is a very important topic for study at the present time because of the great confusion that exists about prophecy today. Critics of the Bible deny the reality of prophecy while others are weaving fanciful interpretations of prophecy out of their own imaginations. A thorough understanding of prophecy not only combats these distortions but provides positive value for our faith.

Biblical Prophecy

1. Principles of Prophecy (Part 1)

2. Principles of Prophecy (Part 2)

3. Prophecies Fulfilled Before Christ's Birth (Prophecies fulfilled during the Old Testament)

4. Prophecies Fulfilled at Christ's First Coming

5. Prophecies Bing Fulfilled today

6. Prophecies to be Fulfilled at Christ's Return

(October & November 2020)

The wisdom of the Lord underlies and supports the universe. Wisdom is more precious than any worldly wealth. And God wants to give it to all. Through faith, strengthened by the Holy Spirit working through His Word, God provides wisdom.

Proverbs: God's Gift of Wisdom


1. seeking to teach us that the foundation of wisdom is the fear of the Lord;

2. seeks to teach us wise living through righteousness and justice;

3. wants us to learn wisdom in family life and how to relate wisely to all people;

4. wants us to recognize the value of instruction, rebuke, advice and discipline

(December 2020)

"Let the Word of Christ dwell in you richly

as you teach and admonish on another with all wisdom..."

-Colossians 3:16

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