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Enlightened, Energized, Enlivened

Bible Study
Family Bible Hour (FBH) is Sunday at 10:45am & Wednesday at 9:30am.
The following studies are intended to...
  • Deepen our understanding of Scripture, God's revelation to us.
  • Deepen our love for our Savior and others for whom He died.
  • Deepen our understanding of where we fit in Christ's church and God's world.
  • Deepen our ability to apply, under the Holy Spirit's direction, the power and promise of the resurrection to our daily lives.

In 10 Lies About God, we'll address ten popular lies about God that people often hide behind to sidestep the truth that there is a God to whom they are accountable or to avoid admitting the reality that they are sinners who need a Savior. May our study better equip us to recognize and respond to these deceptions that keep people from experiencing the peace and joy that comes through forgiveness in Christ.

Ten Lies About God: Part 1

1. God Wants Me To Be Happy

2. There Are Many Ways Into God's Presence

3. God Has Grown Softer On Sin

4. God Helps Those Who Help Themselves

5. God Has made Death A natural Part Of Life

(September & October 2023)

We heirs of the Reformation continue to rejoice that "Justification By Faith" is a core and central Scriptural teaching brought to light at Martin Luther's time. His quoted as having said: "Quia isto artculo stante stat Ecclesia, ruente ruit Ecclesia - "Because if this article (of justification) stands, the church stands; if this article collapses, the church collapses".

Why Justification Remains The Chief Article Of The Christian Faith

"For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, and all are justified freely by his grace

through the redemption that came by Christ Jesus".

(October 2023)

It was not easy to be a Christian in idolatrous and immoral Corinth. This letter reflects the difficulties facing a congregation that served as an island in a pagan environment. This portion of God's Word still serves as a valuable guide and eminently particular letter for all of us to maintain our moral and spiritual integrity in the world today.

The Church's Ministry In A Corrupt Society

A study of 1 Corinthians (Chapters 1 - 8:13)

I. Grace And Sin In Corinth - 1:1-17

II. The Foolishness Of God Versus The Wisdom Of Human Beings - 1:18 - 2:16

III. The Function Of The Ministry - 3:1-23

IV. The Character Of A Christian Pastor - 4:1-21

V. Discipline In The church - 5:1-13

VI. Two Lapses In Sanctification - 6:1-20

VII. Marriage Matters - 7:1-40

VIII. The Problem Of Offense - 8:1-13

(November & December 2023)

Baptism is your presonal identification with the greatest act of human history - the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Of what use is it throughout your Christian life?

Baptism: My Adoption Into God's Family

1. The Basis For Baptism

2. The Blessings Of Baptism

3. The meaning of Baptism For Daily Life

4. The Sacrament Of Baptism In Church History

(March 2024)

Scripture has much to say on the topic of "stewardship," because God is a gracious giver. Rather than a foreign or frightening imposition upon our Christian faith and life, it involves, permeates, and informs every aspect of our Christian faith and life. In Managing God's Gifts, we will explore how "stewardship" embraces all of life.

Managing God's Gifts

I. Managing God's Gift Of The World

II. Managing God's Gift Of Other People

III. Managing God's Gift Of Time

IV. managing God's Gift of Money

(March & April 2024)

While Christians affirm that the Holy Spirit is a Person of the Triune God, they may have trouble coming up with a mental image. Far from being merely a force of fuzzy cloud, Scripture gives several images that assist us in grasping what He is and what He does. We take a look at a few of those word pictures.

The Holy Spirit & His Work In Images

(April & May 2024)

Man holding Bible

"Let the Word of Christ dwell in you richly

as you teach and admonish on another with all wisdom..."

-Colossians 3:16

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