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Bible Study
Family Bible Hour (FBH) is Sunday at 10:45am.
The following studies are intended to...
  • Deepen our understanding of Scripture, God's revelation to us
  • Deepen our love for our Savior and others for whom He died
  • Deepen our understanding of where we fit in Christ's church and God's world
  • Deepen our ability to apply, under the Holy Spirit's direction, the power and promise of the resurrection to our daily lives

Family Bible Hour
Family Bible Hour is at 10:45 AM on Sundays and
Wednesdays at 9:30 AM.

January 2022

The way you think and feel about yourself is of great importance and has an enormous impact on your life. More importantly is how God thinks and feels about you. Distorted self- images are not really who you are and can be corrected. Restore your vision and be renewed as you come to see yourself through God's eyes.

Distorted Images of Self

(Restoring Our Vision)

1. Unlovable Versus Loved

(Ephesians 3:14-21)

2. Worthless Versus Valued

(Luke 15:1-2,8-10)

3. Self-Reliant Versus God-Reliant

(Isaiah 30:15-21)

4. Condemned Versus Forgiven

(1 John 1:5-2:11)


February - March 2022

God gives us opportunities to live our faith (Ephesians 2:10). These opportunities are the Christian’s “station” in life (“vocation” or “calling”). Each vocation is an opportunity to serve God by serving others and by contributing to the welfare of the larger society. God provides what we need to help us carry out our vocations.   

My Vocation In Christ

1. My Vocation is the Role in Life to Which God Has Called Me

2. Through My Vocation, I Love and Serve My Neighbor

3. God Sends Me a Cross Within My Vocation

4. God Calls Different Christians to Different Vocations

5. Through My Vocation God is Glorified


March 2022

When discussing the Theory of Evolution, “faith” is often pitted against “science.” This study, however, will demonstrate that none of evolution's supposed hard evidence is the proven verification that it claims to be. The observable evidence used to support evolution can be reasonably explained just as often, or more often, from a creation perspective.

10 Truths About Evolution That Everyone Should Know
Part 1 (Truths 1-5)

Part 2 (Truths 6-10)


March - April - May 2022

​In the Upper Room With Jesus

(The Gospel of John, Chapters 16-17,20)

1. The Holy Spirit at Work

(John 16:5-15)

2. Grief Turned into Joy

(John 16:16-33)

3. Jesus’ Prayer for His Church

(John 17:1-26)

4. The Upper Room on Easter Day

(John 20:19-31)

Man holding Bible

"Let the Word of Christ dwell in you richly

as you teach and admonish on another with all wisdom..."

-Colossians 3:16